Locked, loaded, ready, armed!

Missile Cat, doing things. Like drawing and reblogging and liking shit.


Where’s my 3DS Metroid game with the Mirror of Fate engine? Throw me a bone here.

The world just isn’t ready for a new Metroid game.

Insulting People to Donate to your Cause

Is a really dumb way to go about it.

I mean I was upset that I didn’t get the response on charity commissions I was hoping for, but I don’t recall saying that people have cold, disgusting hearts and should be taken out and shot.

I tried, I really did

But I can’t understand the appeal of Let’s Play videos. I tried so many of them. They all feel the same. Screaming, yelling, random humor that people complain about online, I feel so out of touch with you kids today.



(via kingoffighters)