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Missile Cat, doing things. Like drawing and reblogging and liking shit.


Since I have a problem, I figure I may as well post doodles. I have a lot more, but these are some of the better ones. Mike’s really hard to draw! I don’t feel like I’ve captured the bigness of his face.

-Joel in the morning, before the ‘bots get up and start causing trouble. Don’t ask me what he’s planning to build with a box, string/yarn, marbles, some nails, and a screwdriver.

-Mike in the morning because I felt like I needed to draw one of him, too. He’s often shown reading when the ‘bots are otherwise occupied. Also, that’s a really tiny book.

-The ‘bots like to be annoying. And please excuse them being really badly drawn. I was in class and I didn’t have any reference pictures.

(via fuckyeahmst3k)


That was a disappointing attempt at socialization. Shouldn’t have been surprised.

With Big Band being free and all…

I guess I’ve got no choice but to play Skullgirls again. Anyone out there want to play? I have it on all three platforms but prefer PC.




Seeing people hate on AoT and SAO without actually giving reasons is just making me want to watch them more (already seen AoT but not SAO yet) since it’s a stupid thing where kids hate on something good to look like they’re better than everyone else.

The AoT…

I gave it 5 episodes and just found it really boring. The titans were just stupid looking outside of the armored one in my opinion and all the characters were just really bland to me. I’m really not into the whole “wait until this episode for it to get good” theory to enjoying shows either so it’s pretty much just not my kind of show.